URES 2011: Preview of the Cleantech/Energy finalists

Next week, 30 university spin-out projects from around the country (~17 universities) will converge in Cambridge, MA to present their breakthrough technologies and new business opportunities at the annual University Research and Entrepreneurship Symposium (URES 2011). It is one of my favorite events of the year because it brings some of the best university innovators, Boston area entrepreneurs, and seed/series A investors from Energy/Cleantech, IT and Life Sciences together in the same place. It is an honor for me to co-host the symposium and chair the Energy/Cleantech track every year.

I thought it would be a good idea to provide a preview of the 10 Energy/Cleantech projects that were selected as finalists, and have been invited to present at the symposium. It wasn’t easy selecting these from among a group of other excellent submissions. But these came out on top and deserve extra recognition. It is inspiring to see the diversity of subject areas and technologies that are represented. Hopefully some of them will be financed soon and will recruit kick-ass teams to take them through the commercialization stages.

  1. Rayvio (Boston University): RayVio is developing low‐cost, durable and energy efficient AlGaN based UV‐LEDs with high internal quantum efficiency for replacement of mercury UV lamps in the water disinfection market.
  2. Altranex (Brown University): Renewable Green-Kero fuel production using modified Kolbe electrolysis techniques. Fuel chemistry does not coagulate at cold ambient temperatures, unlike biodiesel.
  3. Brockwell Structure Technology (Los Alamos National Laboratory): Derived from developments for the Satellite program, Brockwell has developed advanced composite structural member design and process technology for a cost effective frame solution that is lightweight, high-strength, and with superior energy absorption capacity.
  4. Altaeros Energies (MIT): Utilizing aerosapace and military communications based technology to harness winds at higher altitudes with up to 7.5x more power than on ground. Lifting shroud raises a tethered turbines to heights between 500-2000 feet for power generation.
  5. Arctic Sand (MIT): Two-Part Integrated Power Structure (TIPS) – modular semiconductor based power electronics architecture for AC-DC bi-directional conversion for Mobile and VRM applications.
  6. Synthezyme (NewYork University): Using yeasts and natural oils to create biopolastic monomers and industrial biochemicals. Engineered Candida tropicalis strain for industrial production of w-hydroxyfatty acids, a platform monomer.
  7. Imprint Energy (UC Berkeley): First entirely printed fully rechargeable battery where the battery chemistry starts as inks. 100x energy density and 1/10th cost of existing rechargeable thin format batteries.
  8. Clean Energy Innovations (U Mass Dartmouth): Stimulation ad intensification of interfacial processes for monitoring battery health, optimizing reactions in fuel cells and other electrochemical processes, and prolonging battery life through charge-discharge cycles.
  9. Graphene Frontiers (University of Pennsylvania): Low cost production of uniform wafer-scale Graphene films (large area) using CVD techniques at ambient pressure and lower temperatures.
  10. CORE (University of Wisconsin-Madison): Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition engines (RCCI) leading to simplified systems, reduced emissions and 60%+ efficiency gains over modern gasoline engines.

I would also like to use this opportunity to thank the steering committee that helped make the selections, and will be providing feedback to the teams.

  • Nolan Browne: co-founder, Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems; co-founder MIT Energy Conference
  • Jeffrey Carbeck: CTO of MC10; previously co-founder and chief scientist at Arsenal Medical
  • Alexei Erchak: co-founder and CTO at Luminus Devices
  • Tom Pincince: President and CEO of Digital Lumens; ex-CEO of Brix Networks
  • Daniel Goldman: EVP and CFO of GreatPoint Energy; co-founder of Clean Energy Venture Group

Bruce Booth’s preview of URES 2011 Life Science finalists


3 Responses to URES 2011: Preview of the Cleantech/Energy finalists

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  2. Shelli Zargary says:

    Wish I had the technical knowledge to imagine the fantastic applications that will be achieved with these innovations. Are you aware of the very recent mission by Massachusetts Gov Patrick to Israel? There was a big focus on cleantech and on developing joint ventures – I wonder if the momentum from the mission could further joint research/joint ventures between the URES winners and Israeli cleantech ventures…

  3. Bölüm Fragmanı…

    […]URES 2011: Preview of the Cleantech/Energy finalists « BZNotes![…]…

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