Neither your God is any else, nor my God is any else…

Enemies of humanity and Pakistan struck again. This time the federal minister for minority affairs was gunned down in broad daylight for his views on the discriminatory blasphemy law. You can read more about the incident in my friend Adil Najam’s words here.

A good friend runs the largest TV network in Pakistan and sent this video that is being played on his network in memory of the fallen minister. I can’t stop listening to this. How many more must die in the name of religion?

Jisey dhoondta hai yehaan wahaan, dil mein terey mojood hai
Jisey mil gaya ek baar woh, usi dil mein asr-e-sajood hai
Naa tera khuda koi aur hai, naa mera khuda koi aur hai
Yeh jo raastay hein juda juda, yeh maamla koi aur hai!

A rough translation:
Whom you search here and there, Dwells He in your heart
Whoever finds Him once, carries he the effects in his life
Neither your God is any else, nor my God is any else
These so diverging paths, this is but something else


One Response to Neither your God is any else, nor my God is any else…

  1. Informant says:

    Your “good friend” …im guessing it’s none other than Mir Ibrahim Rahman could do MUCH better by having GEO unequivocally condemn the murder of Taseer. But they haven’t done that, have they? In fact, GEO is a primary instigator in fanning the flames of this type of wild behavior.

    Why does your friend hire a man who hosts a show about religion, and who said in no uncertain words that Ahmadis should be killed…

    list goes on…..bottom line: the rich, corrupt class in Pakistan has always played the double-game…and to think that the owners of GEO are for tolerance and against extremism is naive….they’re out to make a buck.

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