General Catalyst invests in Robotics: CyPhy Works and iWalk

I am  very proud of GC’s investments in these two companies: iWalk and CyPhy Works. Breakthrough deep technologies with a potential to change peoples’ lives in big ways: one would save peoples’ lives, and the other would give them a more dignified living. We continue to look for more such disruptive innovations across the various spaces.

Obviously John and the team looked at the investment opportunity in many different ways – dissecting technology, markets, financials etc. But it is important to note what John highlights below: At the end of the day it was the entrepreneurs that got us excited. We invested in the people, their visions and their ability to execute.

Talking both about CyPhy and iWalk (which I initially covered in 2008), he said, “They both definitely have the market size we like — the potential to build a business that generates hundreds of millions of dollars a year. These are technically disruptive technologies, in UAVs and in prosthetics and orthotics.”

Simon added that a key question when the firm puts its money to work is “do we get inspired by an entrepreneur? Can they pain a vision that we get excited about, that this could be something big and game changing?”

via General Catalyst invests in CyPhy Works, new venture from iRobot co-founder Helen Greiner – Innovation Economy –


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