Doing research to make a difference

Professors at top universities doing research to make a difference and for inventing a way out of energy problem is a great thing!

For Sadoway, the project is worth pursuing despite its daunting challenges, because the potential impact is so great. “I’m not doing this because I want another journal publication,” Sadoway says. “It’s about making a difference … It’s an opportunity to invent our way out of the energy problem.”

via Liquid battery big enough for the electric grid?, Energy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – – The online resource for Nano Technology And Research.

Regarding the topic of grid storage market exploding: I am hearing conflicting views from industry experts. At battery/grid storage conferences, optimism around the idea that this market is ready to explode abounds. Innovation is in top gear and startups are coming up with ways to attack the grid storage problem with low cost solutions.

But then there are industry experts who are eager to deflate this notion as hype – and point to natural gas (existing plants currently running sub-capacity + nat. gas storage) as a solution already available for grid’s needs for at least the next 10 years or so. They suggest stationary markets are limited to UPC/backup power, few mins of storage to bring nat gas plants online, and frequency modulation.

Tough to decipher but I am digging into it. It is clear though that future batteries will likely be designed from grounds up for specific purposes than one-size fits all (from consumer electronics to automotive and grid storage). If you have good references, shoot my way.


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