Biofuels/biochemicals, automotive, Green Tie Gala

A few articles that focused on some of the sectors that I am looking at these days. Check them out…

Never Mind That Bailout: Venture Funding for Auto Innovation Accelerates As Startups Race to Leave Detroit in its Own Dust
by Bruce Bigelow
Plunging Oil Prices Require Alternative Fuel Startups to Take a Long View
by Bruce Bigelow

Eyes turn to auto start-ups’ funding, aid requests
by Martin LaMonica

with Governor Duval Patrick (MA) at NECEC Gala

with Governor Duval Patrick (MA) at the annual NECEC Gala

And finally, a nod of thanks to the New England Clean Energy Council for inviting me to their first annual Green Tie Gala. It was a great event, a celebration of the ‘energy’ present in the New England area to promote and commercialize clean energy technologies. New England has certainly become the hot bed of cleantech startups, but more importantly, the Massachusetts government has shown its leadeship by staying way ahead of the everyone else in sponsoring, promoting and providing support to clean energyand energy efficency initiatives in the region.  Kudos to Nick D’Arbeloff, Trish Fields,  and the rest of the NECEC team.


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