Eid in Space: A great day for Malaysia

EID IN SPACE: BAIKONUR (Kazakhstan): Malaysian astronaut Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (top), Russian Yury Malenchenko and Nasa’s Peggy Whitson wave before boarding a space capsule at the cosmodrome here on Wednesday. The capsule, Soyuz, later thrust into a clear evening sky over the Kazakh steppe towards the International Space Station. Muszaphar has said his trip, paid for by the Malaysian government, is a great step for his nation. Arriving near the end of Ramazan, he will celebrate Eid on the space station and plans to treat the other crew to festive Malaysian food. The 35-year-old doctor who has spent a year training for the flight in Russia, is one of very few Muslims to have travelled to space. In Kuala Lumpur, his parents recited prayers and were tearful as they watched the rocket carrying their son streak up into the sky.—Reuters


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