Kashif Memon: America’s Got Talent?

By now I believe most Pakistanis living in the West and access to the youtube wonder must already know about Kashif Memon’s appearance on America’s Got Talent. I am no fan of this show, but probably only because I don’t get enough time to watch TV. However, these shows, as loe and hate relationships they may evoke in their audiences, do serve some useful purpose. They are fun to watch, they allow people to see performances by amateurs who could one day make it big, and some of their contestants really do make it big!

But who is Mohammad Kashif Memon? Turns out he is a Pakistani sandwich-maker. He just made an appearance on the show and it is the HOT topic on the Pakistani blog circuit right now. All of us must have really needed a break from the monotony of bad news coming out of Pakistan regarding politics, media, electricity meltdowns etc….

Ofcourse, as a Pakistani, I find it amusing and more fun to watch Kashif than just someone else. Us Pakistanis don’t exactly show up on US TV very much (at least not in a positive light), and when we do, its a neat occasion to celebrate. I also celebrated when a Pakistani family showed up on Paris Hilton’s show! That was fun.

A clipping from his appearance is below and I would love to know what you think. His appearance is so simple, he really looks like he just walked off work in his sandwich shop and showed up to audition. His performance left me desiring for more. I have seen some absolutely fantastic dancing moves by amateurs at friends’ wedding. He would not do well in front of a Pakistani crowd – his moves are old and a bit too cheesy even for Bollywood stuff, but to a new audience (including David Hasselhof), it is new and breath-taking!

Check it out…

That said, I also want to put in a plug for one other performance at such a show that was sent to me by a friend. This is also an amateur simple guy from somewhere in England. But my God! He is sooo good!!! That video is also appended below. I love it.

Clipping of Kashif Memon from America’s Got Talent:

The clipping from Britain’s Got Talent:


8 Responses to Kashif Memon: America’s Got Talent?

  1. Asad Ayub Siddiqui says:

    Kashif brother! you are so charming. Wish you best of luck for upcoming future, I saw at so many websites Indians are so jealous of him because he performs over bollywood music, but Indian never forget that the song Choreographer as well as the Singer is Muslim like Kashif is! If Kashif chooses that song its because its the pride of East not reserved for India only! Kashif we all wish you best of luck keep it up brother.

  2. Huma says:

    Go Kashif Go
    I will vote for you !
    Good Luck!

  3. Salim says:

    What were the judges thinking?? This is a talent show and the judges are letting someone without talent be in top 20?? Kashif is copying off the dance moves from indian movies and still is doing such a bad job..
    I really think it takes guts to come on the national tv and hats off to you Kashif for that.. But dancing is not your thing and if u really wanna show something to the world then be original (don’t copy).

  4. Zogoba says:

    He is my favorite. I am not a Pakistani, but I love Kashif. I voted for him and hope Kashif makes to all the way.

  5. Bombadee says:

    I love Kashif, I think his passion is worth a million bucks.

  6. Pah_moga says:

    If Kashif wins. He would win A MILLION DOLLARS or 724,218 EUROS and he has only been in America for 6 years. Good Luck!

  7. sweetdestiny says:

    kashif(pakistani dude) isn’t even a professional dancer so why are the judges putting him through to the next round. He doesn’t deserve it and it’s an insult to actual good dancers when people like kashif ruin their chances.
    here’s the actual bollywood(indian) dance song:
    song name “ek pal ka geena”
    The Indian professional dancer’s name is hrithik roshan

    another song from the movie Dhoom2

    another song that I found: this is with aishwarya rai with really bad subtitles
    song name: “crazy”

  8. ali says:


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