A New Law on Against Domestic Violence in Pakistan

Adil just posted a terrific blog post on a new law being contemplated by the government of Pakistan to curb violence against women, especially domestic violence. Aggression, violence, and honor killings are all too common in Pakistan. It is unfortunate that despite the fact that the religion Islam provides no shelter for such violent monsters in our midst, they are able to survive and continue on with their aggression. Please read more here.

But this picture that Adil posted in his post is just absolutely disgusting, exposing the filth that sits all the way in to the corridors of power. In this photograph, city Nazim (i.e. mayor equivalent) of Baldia Town in Karachi, Salman Balouch, is beating up a woman from the opposition party with a belt in the middle of a meeting of Karachi’s City Council. What can one hope with people like this running our governments?


5 Responses to A New Law on Against Domestic Violence in Pakistan

  1. Sarah says:


    I came across your blog site. It is pretty interesting. Keep up.
    When is this jahalat is going to go away from Pakistan? This is unbelievable.

  2. Faiqa says:

    This picture makes me ashamed to be a Paksitani.I hope somehow things will get better in Pakistan and specially the (jahil) attitude will change.

  3. Jay says:

    It makes me ashamed too. It’s pretty surprising that the party leader of mayor’s party Mr Altaf Hussain talks about women rights, etc, etc, and his lieutenants does. Perhaps this is another bigotry of Mr Hussain’s MQM party…

  4. Zainab says:

    If the leaders of a country themselves engage in violent behaviors against women, what can we expect of the common man in such societies. Acts of violence against women, children, the poor, and the weak have been a part of the pakistani society since a longtime and to eliminate or atleast reduce these acts, it will take another many generations to come into action. Hopefully, we might see some change someday in people and the way they behave towards others. This is just not a problem in Asain cultures, but this is a disease that has spread across the world since centuries ago and it will probably take a long time to be resolved and handled.

  5. Khan Baba, Quetta says:

    Suleman Mujahid is not real Baloch. He is fake Baloch. Urdu chauvinist Gover Sindh Dr Ishratul Ibad brief press to write him Baloch in order to create rift among Sindhis and Balochs. On April 26, 2007, he openly beaten up Sindhi women members in City Council session at CDGK at Karachi. Vice mayor Ms Nasrin Jalil of ethnic MQM punished him only not to attend the session for one month. No other punishment.

    MQM headed by racist Altaf Hussain granted him his party ticket to contest for National Assembly seat (NA-239) from Karachi but the terrorist was defeated.

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