Picture(s) of the day: Traffic Safety in Pakistan?

This picture speaks volumes for the careless attitude that much of Pakistani society has adopted towards road and traffic safety (related posts: here and here). Vehicles are often oprated under dangerous conditions, public transport buses with people hanging outside the doors and crowded on the roofs, trucks overloaded with carriage, and rickshaws and motorcycles zigzaging between the traffic to save a few minutes in their commute. All this has resulted in numerous traffic accidents. Truth be told, one can hardly find cars in Pakistan now without at leastsome external damage to them from accidents.

But in the case of this particular picture, I also question the sensibility of the parents who would allow their children to travel like this? Do they not realize how dangerous it is?



One Response to Picture(s) of the day: Traffic Safety in Pakistan?

  1. EZ says:

    yeah, it’s crazy there. The road has everything from man to monkey. They need better traffic regulations to ensure safety of everyone on the road.

    I agree, children should NOT be travelling like that. Man, that’s insane. I thought buses in Canada without seatbelts for children was bad, but pakistan definitely outdoes us.

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