Diesel Goes Hybrid?

I have written before how diesel vehicles are just simply awesome (here, here, and here)! They provide high torque at low rpms, and the fuel effiiciency is as good as, if not better than, gasoline hybrids. Not only that, for heavy vehicles, such as high end cars, SUVs, and pickups, diesel hybrids show much greater potential to increse fuel efficiency and redeuce CO2 emissions than their gasoline hybrids counterparts. Now the Automotive Engineering magazine of SAE predicts that emissions of NOx may also be decreased with the advances in the technology. The biggest question has always been cost of such vehucles, given the high cost of both hybrid and diesel powertrains. But now atleast that IAV Automotive Engineering Group’s studies are showing that significant cost reductions are possible in the near future.

For now I am excited to see initial data on the CO2 emissions reduction potential of diesel-hybrids – something I have been waiting for a while on. Diesel-hybrid could make a wonderful combination powertrain for city and highway driving. The electric motor would help reduce the turbo lag, as well as greatly increase city fuel economy, while the diesel powertrain would improve on highway fuel economy, acceleration, torque, and CO2 emissions.

Below is a chart showing a comparison of CO2 emissions (y-axis) as a function of Vehicle weight (x-axis) from gasoline (small green dots), diesel (yellow dots) and gasoline hybrid (large green dots) engines. The dotted yellow line indicates the expected CO2 emissions from diesel-hybrid vehicles.



8 Responses to Diesel Goes Hybrid?

  1. carsberg says:

    i agree diesel vehicles are better.. plus there are a wide variety of diesel power parts made to enhance your diesel engine’s performance

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