Edhi for the Nobel Prize!

Many of you probably have no clue who Abdus Sattar Edhi is! I say this because my guess is that most people reading my blog are not of Pakistani origin.

But Edhi is not someone you should know as a Pakistani. Yes, Edhi is the name of a single person, but when spoken in the context of a lifetime of service to humanity’s poorest members, it is the name associated with a movement that to me is larger than any other known to mankind. Edhi is the name of an old man, approximately 80 years old, who is perhaps the most trusted, the most respected, and the most honorable bearded man that I know.

I have no qualifications whatsoever to write about Edhi and his monumental work in charity, welfare, emergency services, and shelters for women and children. As many many Pakistanis would say, Edhi Sahib is there when no one else is. When all hope is lost, one can turn to Edhi, if nothing than just for that precious loving smile that can only come from a man with such a generous heart. I do not easily use the word Sahib to salute someone, but among the few people in Pakistan I will bend over backwards for, Edhi Sahib has to be on top of it.

I first learnt about Edhi as a little kid growing up in Karachi. Edhi ambulances were everywhere, Edhi homes were the place to go for charity, when bodies were found dead without relatives taking ownership, Edhi Sahib’s morgues would hold them, prepare them for burial and his staff would say the cermonial prayer. When women were beaten in their homes and feared their lives, they went to Edhi Sahib’s shelters, and if I wanted to support the largest orphanages in my city, I knew I had to support Edhi Centers.

As a kid I have seen Edhi Sahib, in his ever so salt-and-pepper beard and cap standing on the street corners of Karachi, literally begging and collecting 1 ruppee at a time to continue his charity operations. I have handed him a 5 ruppee bill and heard him say “Shukria, Allah aap kaa bhalaa karey“. Those words will never be forgotten from my memory. When Karachi was burning in the early 90’s, I have watched Edhi defy bullets and enter areas of Karachi that I would not dare drive through. I have watched him carry wounded young men off the streets, and watched him beg the residents of the same city to not listen to idiotic politicians and give his network their charity, alms, and hides during the sacrifice season. When there were rumors in the city that Edhi Center was a front operation of an illegal organ sale mafia, I walked into an Edhi center and myself witnessed his workers serving food to the homeless and the women who had been abandoned by their families. I have watched goons go door-to-door discrediting this great man and his charity organization – and then I have watched the same feeble man show his two-room apartment in an old part of Karachi, from where he runs his largest ambulance network in one of the most populated countries of the world. The only thing I ask is, when have I not seen Edhi be at the forefront of all emergency relief, rescue, and support operations? When is Edhi not the name to call on in cases of trouble? When has Edhi turned anyone away, and has Edhi not sacrificed his entire life to create a momentum for charitable social service in Pakistan that will live way beyond his own mortal life. Truth be told, if we had a process in Islam to beatify saints, I would nominate him for that.

But no, we do not have that process. But what we do have is a request from a dear friend to help him create a dossier that he can file with the Nobel Committee to consider Abdus Sattar Edhi and his foundation for a Nobel prize. He is the one man I know who truly deserves it, not only because he has literally been the difference between life and death for millions of people, but because his charity supersedes nationality, religion, caste, culture, or creed. If there is one living bearded man who deserves to be on the front page of our newspapers, our stamps, our post card, and on our walls, it is he. Please support Adil in his nomination effort by sending your personal encounters with Edhi and any other information you might have on him to his attention. Let me know if you want his personal email, otherwise you can see his post here to get more information on his project (clicking on any of the pictures will take you the nomination post). Only a few days are left, so please hurry up!!!

Edhi Foundation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edhi_Foundation
Abdus Sattar Edhi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abdul_Sattar_Edhi
Nomainating Edhi for Nobel Prize: http://pakistaniat.com/2007/01/23/nobel-award-pakistan-abdul-sattar-edhi-testimonial/

19 Responses to Edhi for the Nobel Prize!

  1. aslam khwaja says:

    a true saviour of people in need

  2. Abu Usaid says:

    No, Edhi doesn’t deserves NOBLE PRIZE! In fact NOBLE PRIZE deserves to be given to such a great Muslim Person.!!!
    May ALLAH be please with him.

  3. Muhammad Umar Malik says:

    Edhi Deserves Nobel Prize

  4. Manas says:

    Very good work! He does sound impressive. (Is it surprising that I, or many others, never knew of him?)

    I am an Indian. Let me know if I can help in any way. But I am a very ordinary citizen, in all sense of the word. I don’t know how much my petition or anything will count, but I will definitely do what I can, InshaAllah.

  5. urooj najam says:

    Finally someone has taken the initiative to recognize edhi sb for the noble prize…

  6. Dear Friends,
    really, without any favour or monopoly new world who we are seen like dragon where Eidhi Sahib doing activities for promote human life & peace with simple cloth and simple words and he is just want to help for human help for peace and any people from any part of world like to see angle come Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.
    and under Edhi Foudation white bear inocent face oldest man & Youngest sprit for doing well for some one who have alive without help but need.
    keep it up Edhi Sahib, me and my family & Frineds all prays for you

  7. Yes i strongly recommend Abdu Sttar due to his untiring efforts to help mainkind.

  8. Asif Latif says:

    he did a lot for people and without any reward so he should be given

  9. Osama Ali says:

    Abdus Sattar Edhi, a true Muslim and a great Pakistani, is hero of millions and working tirelessly for poor & needy people of the world. His contributions in the welfare activities are enormous and his stature is way beyond any prize or award. I pray that Almighty Allah may approve his great work for humanity and reward him in both worlds. Amen.

  10. Kanwal Iftikhar says:

    So much has already been said about Edhi’s acheivements that I am left with only a few choice phrases; and one that Edhi truly personifies is encompassed in this wise saying:”One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men; no machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.”

  11. Mariam Issa says:

    Bilal I am very proud of you.It is high time he gets recognition for all the hope he has given thousands of people in distress. He has worked endless hours to bring a little joy in peoples lives.

  12. Qadeer Ahmed says:

    Eidhi Sahib is such a great personality that he does not deserve any type of award to recognize his services for the mankind. We have a lot of respect for him for his devoted work for the humanity. But I would appreciate this effort to enlighten this great person services.

  13. erum zahid says:

    i have never had the immense pleasure of meeting abdus sattar edhi, but wish to god fervently that i be granted such an honour. i myself remember when my grandmother was having a heart attackand amazingly not a single ambulance was availableto take her to the hospital, edhi ambulances volunteered free of charge. i have met and seen on tv many ngo ceos but none have ever ever impressed or moved me so thoroughly as this humble and soft spoken man. the way things are in pakistan, life is extremely difficult, but looking at a personality like edhi makes it worthwhile , more bearable and gives all pakistanis hope that all is not lost in pakistan, and we as a people are blessed to have an angel such as sattar sahib amongst us. sir, i have not met you even, but i love you as i love my own father. God bless you and your whole family.and thank you mr. adil for undertaking this task which should have been done before hand. best of luck!

  14. Lament H. says:

    Abdur Sattar Edhi is the only sincere person in Pakistan. The govt of Pakistan and Pak politicians are not even good enough lace Edhi’s shoes.

  15. Tahir Rizvi says:

    I appreciate your spirit
    Edhi’s is the Symbol of truth.
    I love this person.
    see you around

  16. Iffat Ahmed says:

    Abdul Sattar Jee is an angel of Allah in this world, & his wife is also an angel.
    I love both so much, my all best wishes for those & I LOVE BY HEART with them.
    ALLAH bless you & your all family & all team,,,,,

  17. meme1229 says:

    I am American. I learned of his work from a Pakistani student. I support what he is doing. He should be nominated.

  18. Sehrish Javed says:

    It’s really great person. I’m a big fan of him. Just visited this sight and glad after reading it. I wanna follow his footprints.I also wanna ask you is there any book on the biography of Sir Edhi? I wanna Write a book on this. Also wanna tell you that I’m 22 years old and have written a book at the age of 21 and i think I’m the youngest author of Pakistan. The name of my book is “9 Secrets of Effective Study”. Now I wanna write a book on Sir Edhi because I’m his greatest Fan. Should I go for it?

    Sehrish Javed
    Educational Trainer and Success Coach
    Multan, Pakistan

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