Two firsts in Pakistan

This is special. It is not often in Pakistan that we get a chance to celebrate our diversity. But, we do have minorities, both in gender and in religion, who have been an integral part of this country and this land for hundreds of years, if not longer. Somehow the society does not provide enough chances for us to celebrate their successes and contributions to the society, but they continue to strive and make a difference. The picture below captures one such defining moment.



KARACHI – December 25: The Quaid’s mausoleum saw two firsts on Monday. A Sikh and six women were members of the guards’ contingent posted at the mausoleum’s gates on the occasion of the 130th birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation.—Dawn

2 Responses to Two firsts in Pakistan

  1. . says:

    interesting. so what makes you think women are a minority in pakistan…? 😛

  2. Manas says:

    Women are a minority in pakistan! The sex ratio in pak is, unfortunately, lower than in india. I’ve forgotten the numbers though, I think it is something like 940 and 950.

    Ironically, among indian muslims the sex ratio is best compared to all other religious groups in india!

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