Ali Azmat – another wonderful song

Those who know me also know of my liking of Junoon and its band members. I have written about Junoon before (see here and here), and I think there is plenty available online on them for those who wish to read more about them. Junoon is now mostly split between Salman Ahmad and Ali Azmat, both pursuing their solo careers.

I just watched another video by Ali Azmat and think it is very much worth sharing with colleagues and friends who occasionally visit this blog. It is for Na re Na. The song is OK, not the best by Ali, but the video certainly says much for his excitingly creative mind. I have known Ali for several years now, and I have followed his somewhat eccentric career (and showmanship) ever since his Jupiters days. This video provides a glimpse into the creative genious that has been hiding in Ali’s skin for a long time, and is only now trying to come out. I look forward to some wonderful work by him. He is a good friend, and I wish him well as he continues on.

p.s. yes, that is Junoon in the picture (in 2002) at a concert I organized at MIT. I recognize several old friends as well. Hey guys!

3 Responses to Ali Azmat – another wonderful song

  1. I don’t know what other songs you have heard of them but here are two more links;

    Pappu Yaar;

    (Cool song for Uni farewell parties 🙂 )

  2. Of course I did not mean to undermine the serious message of the Al-Vida song.

  3. mohammed shafiuddin says:

    salaam Bilal Zuberi
    your website is interesting and educative what is going around us iam from Hyderabad india

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