Picture(s) of the day: This one takes the cake

Cake seems to have become a universal dessert, perhaps only rivaled by rice pudding.Frankly, I tend to prefer ice-cream cakes over cream cakes, but frankly I will take any cake, as long as it is not sugar free.

Over the years I have seen many shapes and sizes of cakes: from miniature cakes the size of brownies, to sheet cakes of 2 square foot area with a picture of edible Einstein on it.

But this one really takes the CAKE!

This, my friends, is an Eid Special Cake, baked in Lahore by an undisclosed bakery that I certainly would like to know more about. I noticed this picture in Dawn today and was left flabbergasted.

It is simply outstanding! I am no baking expert, but how in God’s name do you put a cake like this together? How many mini-cakes did it take to assemble this architectural masterpiece?

And how/where do you cut this cake? If served, would you prefer the mehraab, the drawaaza, or the gumnbad?


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