Picture(s) of the day: In memory of the earthquake victims

I don’t have words to add to this picture. I pray for all those who suffered, and for those who continue to struggle.

Pleas read ATP’s post on this.


2 Responses to Picture(s) of the day: In memory of the earthquake victims

  1. Yahya says:

    I lost the best teacher of my educational career Dr Jaffar ur Rehman along with his whole family (wife and three daughters) in Margla towers.

    He taught us for a semester while waiting for his PhD arrangements to be finalised at U of Pen. He later did his PhD, taught in Australia and US, wrote a couple of books then came back and settled at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University; http://www.jinnah.edu.pk/news/2005/drJaffarCondolence.php. He was Dean Faculty of Engineering & Sciences at the time of his death.

    Not an ordinary person by a long shot. The fact that he was a consistent gold medallist in his educational career and that he was brilliant at his subject were actually his lesser qualities. He was able to motivate his students to think laterally and to keep them interested in the subject despite presenting them with various challenges on the way, thus breaking the mould that we were all used to coming from a “Rutta” education system.

    Despite his brilliance he was a humble and an extremely sincere person. His sincerity unfortunately costs him a lot as he often went too far out of his way for his own good to help others. In his later days he became spiritual, grew a beard and only wore salwar kameez.

    People like him do not come every day.

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