White and Nerdy (at MIT)

Ok, after my previous post on a somewhat related topic, this time I have to make an extra effort to make clear that I am in no way biased against the white people….

I want to highlight a new video by the iconic Weird Al Yankovich, called “White and Nerdy“. The only problem is that nowadays at campuses like MIT, they are more non-white nerds who fit this profile than white nerds…among the few benefits of globalization.

Having spent significant time on MIT campus, known internationally for its plethora of geeks and nerds (and occasional beauty queens), I am particularly attracted to this song. Weird Al actually makes his character in this video be from MIT. And you know what’s sad?…there are so many things I find in common with the guy depicted here (besides his delightful pair of eye-glasses). I have better choice in movies though. No Star Wars for me, but I am the biggest fan of Back to the Future! Oh, and I will let a few friends describe that notorious physical chemistry requation on the blackboard in the video! If you have a p-chem friend, go ask him what that equation is. He can teach you a full-semester course on it.

All the geeks of the world unite! The Brass rat still rules. Enjoy!!!


2 Responses to White and Nerdy (at MIT)

  1. Bilal Zuberi says:

    Read more on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_and_Nerdy. Lots of trivia available there.

    and take the White and Nerdy quiz at: http://www.whiteandnerdy.com/

    and yes, there is a mistake in the equation…

  2. Yahya says:

    Talking of ethnicity here is one slightly off topic but funny; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DFCUAjH0G8&eurl

    Please delete if not relevant but after watching of course.

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