Palestine – A great new song!!!!

This new, unplugged single called ‘Palestine‘ is simply awesome. These guys The Sound of Reason out of Montreal, Canada are pretty darn good! Check ’em out here.

They have the songs, pics, videos, blogs etc online.

Here’s from their website on MySpace:

About thesoundofreason

From the depths of Canadas music scene comes an explosive new sound the industry has been craving to hear. Since they burst on the hip hop/R&B scene in early 2004 Francis and Ku better known as TheSoundofReason have been turning heads with their harsh honesty and opinionated lyrics setting themselves up as musics next big hype. Fed up with having either great sounding music with no message, or a solid message accompanied with poorly produced beats TheSoundofReasons filling that void preaching consciousness and political awareness with melodies and instrumentals hot enough to sell themselves alone. In a very short time TheSoundofReason have already started to make a name for themselves. The duo have appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers and television channels such as CBC, A-Channel, and CTV Television tackling tough issues such as politics, faith and the state of music in general. Meeting in high school, Francis and Ku began using music as a means of addressing important issues that concerned them. With their ability to write and produce their own material the two realized at a young age how much of a difference they could make in the world. With a common goal they chose to call themselves TheSoundofReason, a name which reflected a meaning behind their music in a time where musical reason was nowhere to be heard. With their fearless attitude, infectious personalities and all out showmanship they have quickly become one of the fastest growing movements to hit the Canadian music scene in years. In their short time TheSoundofReason have made themselves into not only one of the industries brightest talents but a movement in itself with its followers believing that not only the music, but the world has to change. Image defining tracks such as Living to die, Palestine and the politically savvy Rise prove the duo can maintain credibility with any genre. The new sound of the next generation is here and it is being ushered in by none other than TheSoundofReason.


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