How to increase the miles per gallon of your vehicle?

I moderated a panel discussion today on alternative transportation and fuels at the AltWheels Symposium at the Museum of Science in Boston. The discusion was very interesting and I wish more people could have attended.

But here’s something that came up in the discussion that maybe worth posting here.

Newton’s laws say:
WORK = Force x Distance traveled
FORCE = Mass x Acceleration

But this law applied to transportation means:
MASS = Vehicle size and weight
DISTANCE = Trips/lengths
ACCELERATION = Driving style/Congestion

Hence, we know exactly what factors are in our control (and how much) in order to release the stress on energy usage and consumption for transportation.

Similarly, Steve Connors of MIT presented the Magic Mobility Equation his lab has developed. See the graphic below. Well, its again clear what the levers are for controlling energy usage and emissions. There are factors here that totally depend on us. Can we make an pledge to help the enivronment?



One Response to How to increase the miles per gallon of your vehicle?

  1. shirazi says:

    I am going to try this 😉

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