A new beginning, a new life.

Colonial-Couple-Porcelain.jpgI am starting a new life today. A journey that I am very much looking forward to. L and I will join hands in marriage. We have known each other for nearly 6 years now. Time has flown by us, but it doesn’t matter. As they say in Farsi: “deir ayad, durust ayad” (late, but correct).

We have many promises to keep to ourselves and to our families. We have big dreams, and plenty of fantasies. We believe in ourselves, but we know we have an uphill journey ahead of us. In some ways, L and I feel like two rock climbers who look at a difficult climb ahead of them, and smile at each other because they are simply excited to accomplish this together. When I hold her hand today, I will only have one thought in my mind: She completes me. She loves me. I love her.

Wish us luck!

Niemasta, Phil, M and A: Love you all for being with me all weekend and making it so special for me. You are my family away from home.


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