Press Clipping(s): Somebody stole a train???

How can somebody steal a whole damn train? Well, here’s the news from Pakistan…supposedly the ‘thief’ was a crazy person from a town near Karachi, who stole the train, drove it down the track for 20 miles and almost caused a serious accident as he was only yards away from colliding with a crowded passenger train. For a while this was being considered a terrorist attack.

trainstolen.jpgStaff of Pakistan railway work at engine which was diverted onto service lane in Karachi, Pakistan, Wednesday, Aug 23, 2006. A Pakistani man stole the unattended train engine from a southern station, driving it more than 30 kilometers (20 miles) and dangerously close to a passenger train on the same line before being arrested, police said. (AP Photo/Shakil Adil)

and how did the train get left unattended? Well, its the damn tea again. When its time for tea, we Pakistanis drop everything and just go savor our thirst :).

The railway engine was stolen from a marshalling yard near Karachi after its driver and fireman left it to have tea, officials say.

We don’t know as yet what his motive was for this attack. But he apparently knows how to drive a railway engine and had planned it

Karachi police spokesman Irshad Baig

They say that the accused man, Madan, drove the engine 30km (20 miles) towards Karachi and did not stop at two stations in between – prompting fears of a major terrorist incident.

A passenger train, plying the same railway track, was stopped at the main Karachi cantonment railway station to avoid a major accident.

The Divisional Superintendent of Karachi, Mir Mohammed Khaskheli, said that the stolen engine was then diverted to a loop line where engineers were able to bring it to a halt. (BBC)


One Response to Press Clipping(s): Somebody stole a train???

  1. Ramesh Balakrishnan says:

    Was it a free ride or did the passengers had to pay for the 30 mile ride?

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