Fields Medal in Mathematics.

I am no mathematician but I know that a Fields Medal in Mathematics is probably even more prestigious than the Nobel prize in the other fields. It is an international prize given every 4 years (and not ever year like the Nobel Prize), and mathematicians, by their very nature are usually geniuses that can hardly be comprehended by mere mortal souls like myself. If you haven’t watched the movies “A Beautiful Mind” (about John Nash, the genius), “Pi”, and”GoodWill Hunting”, check them out. I loved watching “A Beautiful Mind”. There is a scence where I felt like getting up and somehow showing respect to the incredible genius who lived amongst us….I wish I knew how to.

Look below for this year’s Fields Medal award winners. And why mathematicians are hard to comprehend. They live, some times, in their own worlds and their brains work to the pint where they are borderline mad/crazy. I am always in awe….

The Chronicle of Higher Education

3 University Mathematicians Accept the Fields Medal, While a 4th Winner Declines

By JASON M. BRESLOW The International Mathematical Union awarded its prestigious Fields Medal on Tuesday to three professors who teach at universities in the United States and France, and to a reclusive Russian mathematician who solved a key part of one of the discipline’s most difficult problems — and who declined to accept the prize. The Fields Medal, which is awarded every four years to mathematicians under the age of 40, is often regarded as mathematics’ equivalent to the Nobel Prize. Yet despite the prestige of the award, one winner, Grigori Perelman, who reportedly lives in St. Petersburg, Russia, refused to accept the prize and did not attend the ceremony in Madrid where the other winners were honored. Mr. Perelman — who has refused to accept other honors in the past, as well as job offers from several universities — was being recognized for his work to prove the Poincaré conjecture.


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