Cricket fiasco between Pakistan and England

Not sure how many readers of this blog watch or follow cricket. Some probably have never heard much about it, except that its a game that vaguely resembles baseball, and that the British somehow invented it.

This post is not going to try and explain cricket. Maybe I will do that later. But like almost all other Pakistanis, I am a big fan of cricket. Even though field hockey, called just hockey because there ain’t no ice hockey in my part of the world, is the official nationalsport, it is fast becoming more of a legacy sport. Cricket reigns supreme. When cricket matches are on, and yes – they do last for days and days on end, everything else slows down just so people can get an earful of the commentary on the game.

Pakistan is currently in England, playing a series of test matches (this is the name given to the game that lasts 5 days straight). And a fiasco is evolving there. Pakistan, arguably one of the best bowling sides in the world, was blamed by the umpires for tampering with the ball, and the team in a mark of protest decided not to come out until after a delay. When they did come out to play, the Umpires decided they had had it, and walked off the field. Their refusal has thrown the game into a mess, and the latest news is that it has been awarded to England.

This is a total disaster, for many reasons. Just today I was talking to an English friend of mine who was commenting how these games are going while several pakistanis have been arrested for reportedly planning a terrorist atack from London. Clearly the two nations are watching intently…and this stupidity by the umpires. This is gonna be bad.

There is an excellent discussion going on about this topic at All Things Pakistan. check it out. You can tell by reading the comments how Pakistanis are tied to this sport!


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