Lebanese adjusting to war and devastation?


A fragile peace is still holding between Israel and Lebanon. Nobody, except the language of the UN Security Council resolution, believes that Hizbollah will dis-arm. Israeli politicians are being dragged out in street meetings and cabinet hearings for their performance in what I consider to be an unjust war. In my opinion, by simply surviving the Israeli military onslaught, Hizbollah has proven beyond doubt that they do have the muscle to fight an extended guerilla war, and that their roots are firmly embedded in the very fabric of the Lebanese society. These are not fighters who are going to wither away until they have achieved their goal. The only way to disarm Hizbollah is for Israel and the US to realize that Israeli occupation of land in lebanon and Palestine must come to an end asap.

And now the difficult, painful, and slow process of rebuilding a devastated Lebanon begins. Lebanese are no stranger to rebuilding their country from bottom up. They have seen their streets, buildings, homes, cafes, stores, hospitals and airports destroyed before..and they had built it up to the point where it was fast becoming the number one travel destination in the Middle East. Now they have to do it again….

And here’s some humor in the middle of all the pain felt by Lebanon today. Lebanese know how to chill…yes, they really do. See the picture for how the Lebanese are adjusting to the changed reality around them.


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