George Galloway on the Israeli aggression against Lebanon

I am not one to hide my political opinions from public. In fact I believe this blog is just the place for me to speak out aloud so others who may (or may not) care about my belief systems will at least get a chance to glimpse how a person like myself and with my background views the world.

The war in Lebanon and the continued occupation of Palestinian territories is extremely painful to me. I wake up every morning to go straight to news websites and every single day I am presented with more horror stories about the casualties in this crazy mass-aggression that Israel and Hizbollah have launched on eachother. While I do not condone Hizbollah actions in the past 4 weeks – they have provoked the destruction of 2 decades of Lebanese reconstruction, and have risked the entire Arab nation at the hands of Zionists they should know too well – the Israeli response has been too merciless and inhumane as well.

Anyways – I will post later a segment I watched online on the PR campaign that is so intimately tied to Israel’s aggression against palestinians for the past 20-30 years. But for now, I recommend you to watch British MP George Galloway go after a Sky News host (equivalent of the right wing Fox News – which I never watch, by the way lest they get some advertising revenue because of it) on the topic of Israel Lebanese war. He is brave, but most importantly passionate about not just peace but justice as well. He is no short cake for media idiots like Rupert Murdoch’s TV stations to swallow easily. I just wish there were more honst people like him in the politics.

You can watch the segment at the link below or click on the video:,,31200-galloway_060806,00.html


3 Responses to George Galloway on the Israeli aggression against Lebanon

  1. Ramesh Balakrishnan says:

    This is the same guy who was accused a while ago of being on the payroll of Saddam Hussein.

  2. Thanks for posting this, I’ve seen it half a dozen times but will never tire of watching Galloway. To the previous commenter, Ramesh, there were a lot of accisations hurled at Galloway by neocons in a futile attempt to discredit him, most notably before the US Senate where Galloway gave a sterling performance (even better than this one!) The accusations are baseless and Galoway gathers more appreciative fans.

  3. Raza says:

    Wow! What a treat to watch this video….Finally west’s media confronted by one of their own regarding their shameless bias…. And kudos to the interviewer for her professionalism even after some very nasty personal attacks….

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