USA University rankings. MIT is at top (again!).

University rankings is a quirky business, and as far as the annual US college and university rankings is concerned, the US News & World Report rankings basically do not much more than indicate a trend towards the quality of education and success rate of its student body. Such listings are useful, but serve a limited purpose. They somehow do not indicate well enough how that university and its students/alum have contributed to the society.

However, a new kind of university ranking has now hit town, and in may ways this might provide more useful information for policy-makers and motivated student/alumni body (alike). The ranking is not about the student-teacher ratios, money availble for research, endowment contributions by alumni etc, but about the social impact of universities and their students. Its a fascinating list, and one that deserves a second and a third look. I stand proud today – not just because MIT once again reached the highest rankings among other colleges and universities, but because it has been recognized today for making meaningful and real difference in people’s lives. An aspiration I believe I was also taught at MIT.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reads:

The Washington Monthly, a political magazine, today published its second annual college rankings, and they’re quite a different animal from the lists compiled by magazines like U.S. News & World Report. As with last year’s rankings (The Chronicle, August 22, 2005), the 2006 batch gives top billing to colleges that are engines of social mobility, not just finishing schools for the super-rich; that foster “scientific and humanistic research”; and that promote an “ethic of service to country.”

With those criteria, the rankings come out quite a bit differently than those compiled by U.S. News. Most of the Ivy League institutions plummet; many state colleges and universities rise to the top. The University of California, for example, put four of its campuses (Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Davis) into the top 10 among national universities.

The top institution over all, as last year, is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Among liberal-arts colleges, Bryn Mawr College nosed out last year’s leading institution, Wellesley College, for the top spot.

Here are the top 50 rankings for 2006. The full list can be found here.

Washington Monthly Ranking University
*Public University
State U.S. News Ranking
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology MA 7
2 University of California, Berkeley* CA 20
3 Pennsylvania State University, University Park* PA 48
4 University of California, Los Angeles* CA 25
5 Texas A&M University* TX 60
6 University of California, San Diego* CA 32
7 Stanford University CA 5
8 Cornell University NY 13
9 South Carolina State University* SC **
10 University of California, Davis* CA 48
11 University of Wisconsin, Madison* WI 34
12 Yale University CT 3
13 University of Notre Dame IN 18
14 University of Chicago IL 15
15 University of Washington* WA 45
16 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign* IL 42
17 University of Texas, Austin* TX 52
18 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor* MI 25
19 College of William and Mary VA)* 31
20 University of Virginia* VA 23
21 University of Rochester NY 34
22 University of California, Riverside* CA 85
23 Duke University NC 5
24 Alabama A&M University* AL **
25 Case Western Reserve University OH 37
26 Rice University TX 17
27 Ohio State University, Columbus* OH 60
28 Harvard University MA 1
29 Johns Hopkins University MD 13
30 University of Pennsylvania PA 4
31 Georgetown University DC 23
32 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill* NC 27
33 University of Southern California SC 30
34 Brown University RI 15
35 Dartmouth College NH 9
36 Columbia University NY 9
37 University of Florida* FL 50
38 Iowa State University* IA 85
39 University of Arizona* AZ 97
40 Ohio University* OH 60
41 Fordham University NY 68
42 Northwestern University IL 12
43 Princeton University NJ 1
44 New Mexico State University* NM **
45 Washington University in St. Louis WA 120
46 Jackson State University* MS **
47 Vanderbilt University TN 18
48 Utah State University* UT **
49 Marquette University WI 85
50 Michigan State University* MI 74

162 Responses to USA University rankings. MIT is at top (again!).

  1. ravi kishore narra says:

    i would like to know the rank of long island university cw post campus brookville, NY.and its college of liberal arts and science rank too.
    thanking you,
    ravi kishore narra

  2. Buddhika says:

    please prepare a university list subject wise.Physics mathematics.

  3. Sachin Chadha says:

    I am Sachin Chadha. I wanted to know the ranking of the following Univeristy in Under Graduate.

    1) University at Buffalo
    2) California State university, Long Beach
    3) California State university, San Jose.

    Sachin Chadha

    • vansi says:

      hey !!
      can u plz lemme know about the answer to ur question… i’ll be waiting 🙂
      mail me …
      thanks in advance

    • Roger says:

      I appplied and got accepted in San Jose State and University at Buffalo as well.. Let me know… oh Cal poly SLO too, still deciding between cal poly and UB

  4. Ramandeep Singh says:


    I want to know about the Stratford University.Its in Virginia.Please do tell me whether it is accrediated or have a good reputation.

  5. Joe Franklin says:

    You stupid americans!! how can you have such a difference in how good a university is. Is it just opinions or do you base your results on facts?

  6. I want to know the rank of IIT(Indian institutes of technologies.

  7. mit is a good university

  8. Mgbemena Stanley says:

    What are the criterias for this ranking.Is it widely accepted in usa for refferencing.

  9. Questioning Mind says:

    Washington Monthly published this in its September 2006 issue. Why run it now on your blog?

  10. pratap singh bhat says:

    i want to know the ranking of Johnsons and Wales University of RI, USA

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  12. animesh jain says:

    i want to know the ranking of universities on the bases of computer science branch as MS?? How many universities is there in US??
    Is this rank which u provide here is latest or some what older??
    plz it’s urgent
    reply me as early as possible.
    thanks in advance

  13. ankita chokhani says:

    hey ,
    i want a listing of the top colleges for masters in science for financial engineering
    please do send me the criteria of admission also

  14. Sue Me(i dare u) says:

    Excuse me for saying so but this list is quite retarded. the whole purpose of university rankings is to provide prospective students with a framework on which to base their applications. How can you expect these selfsame students to prioritise their applications in such a way that universities like harvard, stanford,yale and princeton finish behind those such as Pensylvania state. Also im curious, how exactly do you calculate to what extent a university is an engine of social mobility , if u dont want to use concrete evidence such as teacher student ratio, research endowments ect at least come up with a suitable alternative. ???!ӣ$%%?????

  15. shrestha says:


  16. vamshi krishna.v says:

    hai im vamshi……..could u plzz tell me which place buffalo university stands??

  17. Moh'd says:

    Hi guys I just wanna know what rank is University of Minnesota….


  18. Hey, i wanna apply for engineering universities in follwing fields of engineering: Electrical, Mechanical, Aerospace, ………. So reply me soon ……

    So, give me email in describing the list of these fields of engineering…………



  19. siam mosharraf hossain says:

    Hi, I have just completed my bachelor’s degree on EEE (electrical and electronic engineering).It would be helpful if the university rankings list was prepared subject wise. i.e. Engineering, EEE.
    I also need details information about the facilities of getting scholarship or teacher’s assistantship, funding, living cost etc about the varsities that conduct engineering masters degree.

  20. Sanjay says:

    Hey which university is best and cheap (around $15000 ) could u suggest me 2 to 3 universities .thanks

  21. mahmood reza says:

    hi everyone
    how can i get admition for MBA courses?
    im studing mechanical engineering

  22. SP Yadav says:

    Kindly inform me the ranking of Clemson University

  23. Ken Welsch says:

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if you could give me some information about Kean University in New York especially concerning the MBA in Global Management.

    Do you have any intern information, which could not be found on the web page?

    How would you rank this MBA in GM?

    Many trhanks

  24. Moon Moon Akter Jui says:

    Hi everyone.

    I was wondering if you could give me some information about such Universities names in New York which especially concerning the MS leading PhD Programs in Zoologycal sites; like Fisheries,Entomology,Animal Behaviour,Ethology,Cloning etc.

    Do you have any intern information, which could not be found on the web page?

    How would you rank this MS in Zoology?

    Will you give me the information of the Universities of New York which position in the Rank list of the US universities are over 100?

    Many thanks.

  25. Chinthaka Fernanado says:

    Hi ,

    Could you please tell me the ranking of University Of North West.

    It’s a bit urgent.

  26. dinki says:

    hi i would like to know that university of schiller international is a good university to study Msc in computer engeeneering does it got good reputation please let me know thanks

  27. dinki says:

    oh sorry it is based in florida and the name is schiller international university
    do let me know its ranking and its reputation

  28. Uttam Sengupta says:

    Kindly anyone can help me with giving me a info about Schiler International University. Whether is a good one studying MBA from ist florida campus or not? It also says you can study and can work in limited area but doesnt say have to work in campus..says off campus too.

    Kindly help mail me soon

  29. Uttam Sengupta says:

    Dinki…if u have got any info plz mail me at

  30. sandhya says:

    can anyone give me information abt which university to select in US for doing MS in pharmaceutics

  31. Prachi Panigrahi says:

    i wanna know which are the best universities for Physics, specifically astrophysics which contuct MS-Phd course jointly. Also the details as to what are the requirements asked in the top universities.

  32. sateesh says:


    I want to do the MS in computer science in USA so please tell me the top 10 universities for doing this. I am sending this mail from INDIA so please tell me the the rank yhat i should get in GRA to get please in that any top university and also complete detalies about them


  33. ihsan ullah says:

    I want to do MS in information technology or database in USA so please tell me the top 10 universities for doing in that. I am sending this mail from pakistan so please tell me the the marks that i should secured in GRE to get please in that any top university and also complete detailes about them.


  34. I am a diagnostic radiologist graduated from Tabriz university of IRAN.I have worked
    for 12 years as a radiologist.I am interested in neuroradiology felloship programms in
    USA .

  35. Ankit Bhembre says:

    i am student from India doing my third year BPharm.I want to do MS/PhD in pharaceutices or pharmacology in the US .Can u please mail me the list of te top 20 universities in the US offering the above courses.
    Also i needed to know the GRE and TOFEL score required for admission in these universitiesand all the criteria for financial email id is


  36. R.D. Singh says:


    Kindly tell me, which one is better, University of Tennessee or Montana State University for studying MS in Electrical Engineering.

  37. md.mokaddes ali says:

    univarsity of californiya,loss angels

  38. reaj uddin ahmed says:

    i am reaj uddin ahmed, a fourth year student of mechanical engineering from Bangladesh. i have a great desire to do my ms in USA. can any one give me some kind of information about what should i do??my email add is
    please send me information about what university should i choice how to apply and what score is needed in gre and how to get scholarship,TA ship etc

    thanks all

  39. R.D. Singh says:

    For MS in Electrical Engineering Which one is better, 1. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY or 2. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE?

  40. prabhdeep singh says:

    hi i want yo know about the ranking of wayne state university,university of missouri rolla pls reply me as soon as

  41. Umar Javed says:

    No matter what anybody says….Princeton is #1

  42. Swaran says:

    Can I know the rank list for following universities
    University of Texas at Dallas
    University of Texas at Arlington
    Louisiana State Univ
    Colorado State Univ
    Wayne State Univ
    University of Tennessee @ Knoxville

  43. Tran Thanh Son says:

    I would like to know the rank of the Columbia Southern University. Looking forward to recieving you reply soon
    Thank you and best regards.

  44. sai krishna says:

    what r the different fields present in engineering for doin an ms?. personally im interested in communication technology , does that come under an ms in engineering or computer science?

  45. harsha roxz says:

    Hi, this is harsha from India. Can u pls inform me something about University of Stratford and University of Bridgeport. What are the possibilities of living alive there?

  46. akash patel says:

    can u please tell me the rank of california state university,los angeles..??.

  47. parag says:

    i want to know the rank of the stratford university.
    and its feature and the facilities for the MBA STUDENT.

  48. PAWAN says:


    can u pls tell me about the rank of California State University, Northridge.

    Also pls give me some idea about master program in mechanical engineering.


  49. tahir says:

    hey dude, the university u r asking about is decent but no well known for engineering therefore i will suggest u try California state university san jose. it has a very good engineering program.

  50. Dear friend
    i want to admit my daughter in PH.D IN Medical electronics field suggest me good university. how about Nebraska university in lincoln in medical electronics/biomedical area

  51. dhruv says:

    can any one please tell me about stratford university?

  52. Md.Moazzem Hossain says:

    Please provide me US-State wise university names & their rankings as a university especially in engineering(more specfically in MS of Civil Engineering Program).
    It’s urgent for me.

  53. KIM HO NAM says:

    Please let me know the rank of TESOL education university.

  54. kelvin says:

    This is a great list, MIT is always the No. 1.

  55. Mansoor Azam says:

    So you are big fan of Vital Signs. I saw a couple of their old videos in your video collection. I worked for two years with the brother in law of Junaid Jamshed in Saudi Pak Investment Company in Islamabad. Since 2000 both Junaid Jamshed & his brother in law Javed Khan have joined the tableeghi jamaat.

    I liked their first two albums which we all used to listen during our days in the engg university. They were some days. Sometimes you feel like inventing a time machine and going back in time.

    Maybe you can build one & we can all benefit from it one day.


    Mansoor Azam

  56. Worldranking says:

    MIT are performing very well and always at the top of many world rankings.

  57. Sachin says:

    Indian Institute of Technology is the best insitute in indian but when its come to world could be in the edge. so no need to search about that stupid indian .. so stupidity indian wanna know the any rank of any indian university please mail me i will let you know that

  58. Jc says:

    hi, i’m interested in doing a degree in Mass Communication.
    which university is recommended for the course?

  59. abdul rasool says:

    hai every one i want to do my ms programme can you list the universites that can be odtained with a score of 1200 and part time job on campus

  60. abdul rasool says:

    i wana do my ms programme in vlsi can u suggest me a preferable university

  61. Khashayar Zainali says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am going to pursuit my graduate studies at Sanit Mary’s University of Minnesota, I would be appreciated if let me know that is its ranking among US universities I mean what grade 1,2 or 3?

    Khashayar Zainali


    Hi there!!!.A job well done.Really appreciate the effort taken by noble samaritians like you to compile such invaluable information at a time when u have the concept of too much information!!!!!!!1.

    Could you please if time permitting advice me as to which colleges I could select.My gre score is 1190,and am working as an embedded engineer in a reputed R and D firm in India for last 2 years.I am looking for colleges in california and new jersey area.

    My mail id would be you be kind enough to reply.


  63. DIVAHAR says:

    hey dude.. i am very much interested in doing the course M.S. in U.S..what branch could i choose in M.S. I like the english much……..can usay me the branches related to english or the english oriented branches.please dear……………

  64. vikram says:

    Dear friend,
    I am interested in doing M.S. in material science. Please suggest me good universities which has maximum chances of getting funding and scholarships.


  65. Archana says:

    am interested in doing M.S. in biotech engg. Please suggest me good universities havin related courses….

  66. barot says:

    i want to know the rank of university of bridgeport

  67. jitendra choudhary says:


  68. mehdi says:

    hi there.
    is there any body who study in MIT university?(special iranian)
    i wanna some information about this university.

  69. linder koune says:

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  70. Raghu Nandan says:


    I am working as a software engineer in Bangalore in India with over 2 years work experience. I finished my engineering in Information Science in 2006.

    I have applied for MS in Software Engineering program in “Stratford University” in Virginia and “Villanova university” in Pennsylvania. I wanted to know if these universities are good and will there be a value for the MS that i do there.

    Please give me specific answers and not links to clarify my doubt.

    I sincerely request you to do the needful at the earliest and oblige.

    Thanking you,
    Raghu Nandan.N

  71. Ankit ramoliya says:

    my gre score is 1050 but my verbal score is only 270,
    can i able to apply in top universities?
    plz send me answer

  72. mohammad says:

    i’m looking for usa universites rankink to study economy in PHD level.

  73. Iftekhar says:

    hi…i want to know the ranking of the University of Texas at Arlington in Civil engineering graduate level…please help me know the rank of that particular university.

  74. Karen Trchounian says:

    I want to know the rank of Texas Tech University

  75. dhawal says:

    m a 3rd year pharmaceutics student.can anyone provide me list of top ten pharmaceutical universities to b filled in my GRE form,plz its urgent

  76. Dharam Pal says:

    Kindly name 10 top universities in USA to be filled in my daughter’s GRE form for doing PG in communication technology.

    Thanks in advance.

  77. Rajiv says:

    can anyone tell me hows California state university LA
    n i m not talking about the Uni of Cal LA and also tell me how is Texas A&M Kingsville, please reply asap will be a great help

  78. Rajiv says:

    Can any1 help me to know hows California state uni LA i.e CSULA n i m not talking about the Uni of California LA and also tell me hows Texas A&M Kingsville, please reply asap, it will b a great help thanks…

  79. dhawal says:

    can u please tell me the list of top 10 pharmaceutical colleges in US.its urgent please do it quickly

  80. nikita puniani says:

    can i know names of good to descent universties which can give scholarships? plzzz reply soon..need help

  81. RASHMI says:

    hi i can understand that MIT is at the top but why is Harvard lagging behind?

  82. sudhir says:

    can u plz suggest mewhich universities will be good for ms in computers….i got 1150 in gre …..thanks in advance….

  83. Anas says:

    Hi, I’m Mohammad Anas I need to do MBA to top university if you can give me any idia so pls

  84. ofostu says:

    Please i want to know the ranking of Maharishi University of Management

  85. kushal aurangabadkar says:

    hey m kushal aurangabadkar. i want to pursue my MS in MECHANICAL , so can u plz proovide me a list of good universities in US .

  86. Jinu says:

    Hello…I would like to Take my Masters in Electrical & Electronics…Kindly…help me to know all the formalities..

  87. Divya says:

    Please provide the information of top 30 universities for MS in mechanical engineering

  88. Mir says:

    hi..Can you please tell me about M. S. in electrical & electronics engineering from Fair Leigh Dickinson Uni.? thats in NJ.
    Thank you.

  89. Pranav says:

    Hi.. i wanted to know the top universities for my masters in financial engineering..

    Hope someone can help me out..

    Thank You

  90. Shahed says:

    what are the ranking of california state university Northridge and Los Angeles

  91. vishal says:

    i want to know the rank of
    1> valparaiso university, indiana.
    2> nyit university
    hope someone would reply me.
    thank you

  92. peter says:

    what are the ranking of california state university Northridge and Los Angeles

  93. karthik says:

    pls send me top 50 universities in U.S to pursue masters in computer science and among those send me top 30 universities in new york too..

  94. pooja says:

    I need the list of top 20 universities offering pHD in pharmaceutical sciences to fill dm in my GRE form….kindly help me…

  95. Sohel says:

    I want to know the ranking of Ashland University,Ohio,USA.Please let me know….what about its quality???

  96. Deepak. V. says:

    Please list the top 10 colleges in US offering MS in Industrial & Systems Engineering.

    Also list few prefered branches in US for doing MS.

  97. Marjan says:


    I would like to know the ranking of Textile chemistry and engineering of USA universities.
    Please help me.

  98. Study USA says:

    Great posting! Thanks for giving useful information for students. You should also checkout, which seems to be very helpful as well. At, you can find exclusive list of American universities, colleges and language schools.

  99. hamed says:

    igoing to continue my suding in usa . how do this

  100. hamed says:

    Igoing to continue my studing in usa how do this?

  101. sugunan says:

    pls send some info about Cambridge International University ranking in USA

  102. Arpan says:

    i want to know the rank of Stratford University of Verginia

  103. imtiaz says:

    guyz can anyone tell me if southern illinois university is good for mechanical and whether its reputed or not………

  104. K.Kiran Prateek says:

    I want to know the top 10 universties offering masters in Metallurgy and Materials Technology.

  105. TADE OKESINA says:

    What is the ranking of Villanova University?

  106. Suraj Goyal says:


    I want to know about the Stratford University(india).Its in Virginia.Please do tell me whether it is accrediated or have a good reputation.
    Modi stratford university in india.

  107. Suraj Goyal says:


    I want to know about the Stratford University(india).Please do tell me whether it is accrediated or have a good reputation.
    Modi stratford university in india.

  108. Jay Buente says:

    As a whole I do not make comments on blogs, but I have to mention that this post really forced me to do so. Really admirable post

  109. Tariq ahmad says:


    i want to know about stratford university . is its degree world wide accepted n wel reputed university.

  110. Malka says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I am a graduate of construction technology and management with B.Sc.from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. I have been working in Ethiopian Roads Authority since my graduation, August 2007. Currently, I am searching for scholarships/sponsorships to study Accordingly, I have taken GRE on February 2010. So, would you help me in this regards, please?

    Below is my personal information:
    Name-Malka B. Lutta
    Education status –B.Sc in Construction Technology and management
    Test Taken and result-GER: Verbal=320, Quantitative=690, Analytical writing=2
    Field of interest for M.Sc in priority: 1. High way Engineering, 2. Geotechnical Engineering, 3.Construction Project Management/Construction Engineering.
    Field of interest for B.Sc : Medical science

  111. salemizadeh says:

    what is the ranking of ut arlington inus

  112. aniket pujari says:

    kindly forward me list of atleast 60 universities in u.s.a for doing M.S in civil engineering.i want to apply in year 2010 itself . waiting for your reply

  113. rashedul islam says:

    i m a in dustrial and produc tion can i apply in mit

  114. subha says:

    pls say me some top 10 universties in usa for doing my MS in electrical and electronics engineering..and wt are all the test they are excepecting…..

  115. ganesh says:

    if i try to get 900-1000 in gre what universities will i
    get.. plz reply soon

  116. k.shyam kumar says:

    i want to know about top 20 pharmacy universities in usa and thier dead lines

  117. David says:

    Thanks for your info.

  118. prashant says:


    I got 310(Verbal) and 780 (quants). I did my engineering in CS from a reputed institute.
    I also have 2 years of work in a one of the best IT MNC. I want to go for MS and Phd in Graphics and Computer Networks. Can any one suggest me something ?

    Thanks in advance..

  119. 911 says:

    very gooooooood

  120. shreya says:

    plz tell me about master program in Electronics and telecommunication and also about some good universities in USA which are preferrable for my branch.

  121. Balaji Teja says:

    Hi …I am Balaji Teja…I am in Vasavi college of engineering doing Computer science Engineering.I have few queries regarding university selection for MS program.Please do share your knowledge on the universities in the us.This is my profile:
    My Engineering aggregate is 68.3%
    I dont have any backlog history.
    GRE- 1260 (800quant+460 verbal) AWA-3
    Toefl – 101 (24reading +29listening+26speaking+22writing)
    I am currently doing my 4-1 .I will finish 4-2 by june 2011.So I am planning of apply for universities for fall 2011.Please Suggest me unviersities that i might be applicable for

  122. rakesh says:

    hi .. i am rakesh doing btech in computer science ,
    i am interested in doing MS from usa .Please suggest me university according to GRE score

  123. Adenekan John Adewale says:

    I am presently undergoing a master degree course in Computer Sustems at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria…Iwant to study for my Phd at the MIT University, want to know if the institution is rated for my proposed course. MANY THANKS

  124. motiur rahman says:

    hi, i am a bangladeshi student… i wanna read in MIT…. please give me a suggestion how i apply to this versity.. i am a student of class 11.. in bangladesh it is said Inter 1st year… after 1year & six mounths i may be apply here.. that’s all about me…

  125. Duggi abhilash says:

    hi, I got I20 from bradley university, Texas state university sanmarcos, Newyork state university and southern illinois edwardsville please help me which university is best from all of these…

  126. Feeroz Ahmed says:

    This is feeroz Ahmed i want to know the ranking of Stratford university

  127. mini joy says:

    which is the best in us for doing ms in electronics and instrumentation

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