Press Clipping(s): Venture capitalists pushing for policy reform

An interesting article in the Silicon Beat on how VCs in the silicon valley are pushing for policy reform through legislative changes. I have already written about Khosla’s promotion of Proposition 87, now comes John Doer. It seems the VCs (at least in the silicon valley) have walked down this path before, and if Sean Garrett is correct, they have been quite succesful in getting their way. 

Silicon Valley’s education and alternative fuel initiatives — What do you think?


Kleiner Perkins partner John Doerr, and former Kleiner Perkins partner Vinod Khosla are carrying on the tradition of fighting for policy change.

Doerr is supporting Proposition 88, for a real estate parcel tax to benefit education. Khosla is supporting Proposition 87, a royalty on oil pumped from California, as summarized in this piece by the Mercury News.

Here is a great review by Sean Garrett, of 463 Communications in San Francisco, of the decidedly mixed history of Silicon Valley’s legislative efforts. His conclusion: When Silicon Valley sticks together, it gets its way more often than not.

So what do you guys think? Are you in for real estate tax for education?


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