Picture(s) of the day: Map of places bombed in Lebanon

I just got this via e-mail. I am sure many of us are following the horrific attacks on Lebanon but I found this map illuminating the extent of the Israeli campaign. This crazy war doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Hizbollah is continuing to shell civilians in Haifa without a regard for human life on either side of the border, and Israel’s army is going mad given their lack of success in rooting out Hizbolllah. They have even bombed a UN post (using precision guided missiles), despite those sending 10 messages to the Israeli military over a hour period leading to their deaths to ask for stopping of the bombing. It is pitiful to see the lack of international interest in a cease-fire. We should all remember that today it is the Lebanese, tomorrow it could be us. What goes around, comes around…and if we don’t speak up for the innocent civilians in Lebanon today, tomorrow when we are in trouble, nobody will speak out for us as well.



One Response to Picture(s) of the day: Map of places bombed in Lebanon

  1. rama says:

    Dear Friends,

    Warm greetings from an Indian in Calcutta. I am delighted to have discovered this blog from Pakistan, and I look forward to browsing through and savouring the archive contents. For a feel of a thinking Indian’s sensibility – I would like to invite you to visit my blog at cuckooscall.blogspot.com Best regards, rama

    P.S.: I wrote an article on the Pakistani singer Reshma, which was carried on
    chowk.com in 1999.


    That article was reproduced on several other websites, such as
    pakistanimusic.com, as well as PTV’s website (which I thought was rich,
    notwithstanding the fact that there was no acknowledgement, which I didn’t
    mind at all, since I like anonymity). I was kicked by the fact that encomium of a
    Pakistani singer carried on a Pakistani govt agency’s website was by an anonymous

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