Reducing air pollution from traffic sources

Association for Emission Control by Catalysts
( just published their latest bi-monthly newsletter. If you are interested in environmental work, especially in emissions reduction from internal combustion engines (gsoline, diesel, flex-fuel, biofuel, or hybrid), this may be a newsletter you want to go through on a routine basis.

Here is a link to the May-June 2006 newsletter. and here’s an interesting item from it:

Air Pollution in Pakistan is amongst the Highest in the World

The Economic Survey of Pakistan 2005-06 says that air pollution levels in Pakistan’s most populated cities were among the highest in the world and were climbing, causing serious health issues. The levels of ambient particulates are generally twice the world average and more than five times as high as in industrial countries and Latin America.

The key factors contributing to air pollution in Pakistan are rapidly growing energy demand; increasing industrial and domestic demand; and a fast growing transport sector. In the cities, widespread use of low-quality fuel, combined with a dramatic expansion in the number of vehicles on roads, has led to significant air pollution problems. The number of vehicles has jumped from 0.8 million to about 4.0 million within 20 years, showing an overall increase of over 400%. Since 1980, the maximum growth has been seen in two-stroke vehicles, such as delivery vans, followed by motorcycles and rickshaws. Diesel trucks and buses have also increased at 200-300% since 1980.


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  1. The style of writing is very familiar . Did you write guest posts for other bloggers?

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