Put Karachi on the map, literally!

I was just recently introduced to Wikimapia. Wikimapia is “a project to describe the whole planet Earth” – a continuation of efforts to catalogue all kinds of things using wiki based sharing platforms. There is an effort by some Pakistanis (thanks to Mansoor at Metroblogging Karachi for pointing this out to me), to put all kinds of places in Karachi on the google map. If nothings, its great for nostalgia. Now that I have become used to GPS based devices in the US, its great to see maps of karachi on the web, and to see how my mental maps of driving in Karachi sync up with the actual street maps.

Click below to see the map and use your mouse to browse around. You will start very close to my home in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Enjoy.

Mansoor writes:
Xia pointed out this very good site, Wikimapiaa project to describe the whole planet Earth“. It was suggested that we look up karachi, and try to identify as many places as possible there, so as to make it a useful reference. I really liked Xia’s idea, and checked out the webiste myself. It uses the Google Maps api to pull up its maps and has various places in karachi marked with rectangles, contributed by users.

Xia suggested we make a collaborative effort, and mark as many places as possible on it. He’s included a shortcut link zooming into karachi to get you started as well. I would go further, and request you all to please post each of the places you’ve marked here on KMB as well. One point to note though, please include only interesting places, and not areas of personal liking such as “my house”.

Once you’ve found the area you want to mark, move your mouse over ‘Wikimapia’ on the top right of your screen and click on “Add a place”. That will generate a resizable rectangle on the screen. Move it around till its excatly over where you want, and click on “Save” which appears just over the rectangle. That will bring up a screen allowing you to enter the name and a description of the place bounded by the rectangle. Click “Ok” and your place will be saved into the system.

Come on people! its time to describe our beloved Karachi!

Sources of photos:
Jzakariya: http://www.flickr.com/people/jzakariya/ (an excellent collection!)
Skasuga: http://flickr.com/photos/skasuga/

One Response to Put Karachi on the map, literally!

  1. Jawad Zakariya says:

    Hey, this jzakariya guy seems to have nice photos!
    Seriously though, saw your web site and my name on it and thought i’d say hello.

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