Karachi summer blues: electricity woes

Just saw the above cartoon at Metroblogging-Karachi. It is hilarious! If you have lived in Karachi, it is also so true. Summers are all about the heat waves (we call them ‘loo’ for some reason), the water tankers, and the KESC’s electricity load-sheddings. I read somewhere that a new law is in effect these days that forces all shops to close by 8 PM. Supposedly our power is consumed at a high pace by all the commercial activity at night. Well, time will tell if such a proposal would make any difference at all. I have a feeling KESC/WAPDA may be better off spending their time looking into all the industries that are illegally tapping into the electricity grid.

Translation for non-Urdu readers: the wife is sending her husband off on a trip to karachi with portable electricity and water!

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