An Inconvenient Truth

Global Warming Trend“Is it possible we prepare for other threats besides terrorists?”

This movie, An Inconvienent Truth, now playing across the country, is really meant to be a wake up call for all inhabitants of this world to discover how our climate, and the fragile eco-systems that depend on the state of our climate, has been affected by anthropogenic actions. From the consumer waste and oil addiction of the USA, to the dirty coal power plants of China and the polluting rickshaws of South Asia, our global carbon burden on this planet is simply too much for the Earth to bear. The melting ice sheets and fast disappearing polar bears, the rapid rise of earth temperatures and the increase in magnitude and frequency of natural disasters – the science on global warming and its effects is pretty clear about where all this is headed. The message has already been delivered to us in the form of rather concrete scientific evidence – what we do next depends on our conscience, and our concern for the lives of our future generations. 

As Al Gore, former future Pesident of the US, says in this movie: “Our ability to live is what is at stake”!

Watch below a trailor of this fascinating movie that teaches as much about earth’s vulnerability as about the science behind the studies of climate change phenomenon:

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Wikipedia on Climate Change
Why I studied aerosol microphysics for my Ph.D.: Did you notice the huge error bars on aerosol contributions?


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