Heads of State as patrons of sports teams?

Can someone explain to me why our Presidents and Prime-Ministers are requested to be (and they accept to be) patrons of our national sports teams? Do they really not have other more important stuff to stay busy with? How can they have time to deal with the failings of the national hockey team, and why should they be held accountable for this? Should this not be handled by professionals who should be managed by appropriate governance bodies.

Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the OrganizationThis is symobolic of the larger problem of not understanding governance, authority, responsibility and an ability to initiate change in many aspects of Pakistani life – from univerisities and government agencies, to probably even some of the corporations! Why is it that responsibility and governance is intimately tied to the formal rank of the person in a heirarchical order? I am reminded of a book I recently read titled 'The 360 Degree Leader : Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization' by John C. Maxwell. If we could all learn to initiate change around us and to make things happen and influence others, irrespective of the title we held.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Senate committee summons Shaukat Aziz to explain hockey team’s dismal performance

 Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: The Senate Standing Committee on Sports and Culture has taken serious notice of poor performance of the national hockey team in the Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament and summoned Pakistan Hockey Federation’s (PHF) patron Shaukat Aziz and its president Tariq Kirmani. The committee meeting was called on requisition by senators Enver Baig, Abdul Rahim Khan and Dr Kasur Firdous at the Parliament House here on Friday. Senator Zafar Iqbal, chairman of the committee, told reporters that Prime Minister Shaukat had been asked to appear before the Senate committee as patron-in-chief of Pakistan hockey. “We have called the PHF patron, its president and secretary general to explain why Pakistan team failed to show positive and encouraging results in the international hockey tournament in Kuala Lumpur,” he said. It is pertinent to mention that defending champions Pakistan failed to qualify for the semi-finals of Azlan Shah Cup after they were beaten by a low ranking team Argentina 2-0. “The next meeting of Senate committee is likely to be held in July,” added Zafar Iqbal.

Source: http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=20066\24\story_24-6-2006_pg2_3


3 Responses to Heads of State as patrons of sports teams?

  1. Cash says:


    nice blog.. i ll come back again :] greets

  2. rachel says:

    i like suv\’s only. i heard the mini van is dead at ford and chevy.

  3. Hiddendarkshadows says:

    He (President) also involves himself in sports because he is the President of Pakistan, and just like a King is held accountable for everything that happens in a nation, so is he held accountable for everything, unlike our past leaders who would never take responsibility for anything.

    And you said do they not have anything important to do? Let me ask you a question, how much do they spend speaking of sports, if you heard it in an interview then not more than 5 minutes, do you expect them to work on important stuff 24 hours?

    He (President Musharraf) is doing a lot of important stuff and I see nothing wrong with him talking of sports since it is a vital part of every healthy nation.

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