Adakaara Anjuman

AnjumanI always tell a dear friend of mine that she reminds me of Pakistani film actress Anjuman. Even though my friend seems to take offense to this likeness in public, I think secretly she knows I am giving her a compliment by comparing her to one of the most popular film actresses of an era that is now mostly over. Many actors and actresses of that time are now either dead, or married into oblivion!

Anjuman belonged to the cast of stars that simply dominated Pakistani film industry for quite a while, esp. in the late 80's and early 90's. During that time, if you were a reader of Urdu newspapers, like I was, you would notice that most Pakistani films seemed to have the same actors again and again. The cast of Sultan Rahi, Mustafa Qureshi, Anjuman, Babra Sharif and Nadeem were mainstay. The era of this voluptuous 'dhee'from Multan started to decline only when actresses like Neeli and Reema entered the playing field. Anjuman in Hunter Wali

During the late 80's and early 90's, it was not the educated middle and upper-middle class that frequented the cinemas in Pakistan. I believe I only saw a few Pakistani movies during that time, and even those only at special screenings for students from our privileged high school. However, Anjuman was a darling of the relatively less educated class, which went to the cinema frequently. She could dance, jump all over the rice and cotton fields, and shake that ass like nobody's business. When needed, she could also act and provide drama to a certain extent, but one has to understand that movies of that time demanded the 'matkas' of this 'Punjabi Mutyar' and the 'gundaasa'of Sultan Rahi. Nothing else mattered much.

Anyways – this note is also to tell my dear friend that I love her much. And think of her as a beautiful woman. She has just the personality to do the 'dhamakas' that I would expect from someone who reminds me of Anjuman!

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2 Responses to Adakaara Anjuman

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  2. ali says:

    i’d like to see a picture of your friend who you say looks like anjuman, i’d like to see for myself…i am a huge fan of anjuman…do you know where i can get wallpapers of anjuman

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