Renewable energy for villages in India

Zee News recently reported that the Mizoram government, in collaboration with the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, has chalked out a comprehensive one-year vision plan to provide electricity to all un-electrified villages, including households, through renewable energy resources by 2007. Under the new energy policy, apart from giving power to the unelectrified villages through renewable sources, the government would soon also make a law to use solar water heater systems mandatory for all government buildings.

For more details, click here.

This is the kind of stuff that needs to happen at the local levels (in villages, thesils, etc) for renewable energy to penetrate further in the developing world. Solar and wind power is starting to become quite accessible, and with the oil prices expected to reach $100/barrel in the next few years, our 'sustainable development' folks should be looking hard at introducing such energy sources.

Related: also see Small "Hybrid" Solar and Wind Electric Systems as explained at the US Department of Energy website.

Diagram of a hybrid power system that combines wind power and solar power to supply electricity to a home. At the left end, wind blows at a wind turbine, which turns and feeds energy into a box labeled Regulation and Conversion. Also connected to this box are a generator and PV modules that are heated by the sun. Connected below the Regulation and Conversion box are four small boxes labeled the Battery Bank. A line connecting the Regulation and Conversion box  and a house is labeled AC or DC, and the house is labeled Load. The caption reads: Hybrid Power Systems. Combine multiple power sources to deliver non-intermittent electric power.


2 Responses to Renewable energy for villages in India

  1. 12creation says:

    hasta la vista baby

  2. OBULARAJU says:

    I want to know the feasibility of wind power project in Southern India

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