Junoon’s Jazba

A friend reminded me today of this powerful song by one of my favorite Pakistani bands, Junoon (yeah call me old fashioned but I am still their fan). Salman, Ali and Brian have since then split ways but they are still capable of rocking arenas filled with thousands with their sufi-rock songs. That guitar rhytm, that heavy bass, and Ali's voice fills the air with vibrance. Their music is so modern, and yet strikes the chord so traditional, almost mystical. To me this song is a powerful rejuvenator of that passionate patriotic feeling deep inside – the jazba and the junoon that defines what it means to 'belong' to a nation.

Next time you listen to this, just close your eyes and feel the passion. You will love the feeling. I just did – it felt like I was back in school in the 80's when I proudly wore multiple flag-pins on my chest, decorated the house, carried a flag and sang national songs on Indepence day (Yom-e-Azadi).


3 Responses to Junoon’s Jazba

  1. […] My dear friend Adil posted a wonderful note on his blog about Bulleh Shah and this generation’s re-discovery of his beautiful poetry. Very rightly, he gives credit to Sufi rock band Junoon, my favorite, for making my generation reconnect with this magnificent work. Junoon’s rendition of Bulleya wasn’t the first attempt by Junoon to introduce sufi poetry (and sufi philosophy) to a generation of Pakistanis that was addicted to rock music, but it signified a crystalization of Junoon’s vision and passion. Baba Bulleh Shah had a message that Junoon was, at that time in history, in the best position to deliver. Regular readers of my blog probably already know about my passion for Junoon so no need to repeat that – but I do want to say something about Junoon’s rendition of Bulleya, given a new rendition has come out by Indian singer Rabbi Shergill. […]

  2. […] know of my liking of Junoon and its band members. I have written about Junoon before (see here and here), and I think there is plenty available online on them for those who wish to read more about them. […]

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