Vespa still rules the road.

Vespa Piaggio TyphoonI was a little boy, barely able to walk, when my father mad eme stand between his legs in the front area of a Vespa Scooter (vintage 1969) and took me for a ride. Since then I have been the biggest fan of a Vespa and the scooter, despite all hazards associated with motorcycle riding. My dad still owns the vitage Vespa and despite all the engine overhauls and the clutch/brake repairs, still swears by its realiability and ease of use in crowded city streets. try driving through the busy streets of Saddar, karachi (Empress market) or M.A. Jinnah Road (bunder road) and you will realize how effective a two-wheeler is in evaading the traffic jams.

Well – all that is fine and dandy, but the fact is that most two wheelers in the world are still extremely polluting vehicles. Even though some companies (and countries) are switching over to a bit cleaner 4 stroke motorcycles with a catalytic converter on them, all the two-stroke engines consuke tons of engine oil, and all that oil is released right back into the atmosphere in the form of soot and metal-oxide ash particulates. Scooters are probably the most polluting internal combustion source in the world today.

Now, GEO2 is going to try and prevent some of that pollution from leaving the tailpipes. We are going to retrofit a scooter and see how well our product works in emissions control. For testing purposes, we have just bough a Vespa Piaggio 2 liter 50cc scooter and have already started work on its emission control. I will keep this blog updated on our efforts.

And until we roll out a cleaner model into the streets, I get to ride around on the current model and enjoy the breeze in my face just the same way as I did more than 20 years ago. I think of my father everytime I ride this bike. My company doesn't know this, but I have more than a profssional reason to make Vespa cleaner, and keep it alive on the streets around the world. Nostalgia!

Sporty looks, a sturdy frame and responsive engine make Typhoon the ideal companion. Typhoon is perfect for darting through traffic or gliding the along open road. The Typhoon boasts a 50cc, single cylinder, two-stroke engine and thick 10-inch alloy tires to make for a powerful yet smooth ride. With a twist-and-go transmission, electric start, powerful halogen headlights and great under seat storage, the Typhoon is perfect for errands and short trips wherever you may roam. 


• Hydraulic front suspension
• Large, underseat helmet storage compartment
• Twist-and-go automatic transmission
• Thick 10-inch alloy tires
• Two color options: Cosmic Blue and Black


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